#Refugee #Library Flooded With #Books | Guardian + 17 Books Capturing The #Immigrant Experience | BuzzFeed #people #reading #libraries

Calais Refugee Library Flooded with Thousands of Books | Books | The Guardian
Creator of Jungle Books urges people to donate money, not books, so refugees can cook – and read – in safety.

17 Books That Perfectly Capture The Immigrant Experience | BuzzFeed
These authors share fiction and non-fiction about staying afloat in the system.

#Digital #Afterlife: Managing Memories of Loved Ones in the Digital Age | #death #socialmedia #memorials

A little discussed topic but an event we may all be confronted with at some point. Below are some resources I have collected regarding managing your digital afterlife or the memories of loved ones in the digital age. The resources provide information on preserving memories on social profiles such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and downloading data from Apple, Google and other services.





Your Next Investment: People, Not Projects | Mashable

Many investors say they invest in people, not ideas. Everyone has great ideas, but not everyone has the right mix of intelligence, resourcefulness and determination to execute the idea.

Enter Pave, an impact-investing site that need not be compared to Kickstarter or Indiegogo. Pave is a platform where individuals can back young people’s careers (the average funding goal is $27,000). The idea isn’t new — patrons and angel investors have been around for a while — but the technological tactics are new, and the platform helps to level the playing for people with big ideas and passion to match. The site launched in December 2012 and has 4,500 prospects and 1,700 backers to date.

Pave prides itself on people, not projects, and the setup enables investors to back someonebased on aligned interests, such as business, education and environment. It’s not a traditional loan, and it’s not a donation — the point isn’t for the prospect to pay the investor back quickly. The financial backing is a way for established individuals to help young, ambitious people build sustainable careers and projects over the next 10 years — and the prospects can spend money how they see fit. Backers earn financial returns for supporting successful prospects, and they often evolve into mentors for the prospect, though that’s not written into the funding agreement.

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How to Act Annoying at a Library | wikiHow

This is a fun list. 20 steps for How to Act Annoying at a Library | wikiHow.

Taking an Inquiry Stance on Participatory Culture, Learning, Literacy, and Libraries | The Unquiet Librarian

Taking an Inquiry Stance on Participatory Culture, Learning, Literacy, and Libraries | The Unquiet Librarian