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Libraries…are acting as flash points of resistance, putting together special book displays, hosting timely exhibits, collaborating on art projects, and more. And then there are the libguides. READ MORE: Librarians Provide the Tools for Readers to Rise Up | BOOKRIOT

Libguides, aka research guides aka subject guides aka study guides aka topic guides aka pathfinders aka resource lists aka information portals, have a special place in my heart. Whenever I find a great one I always have one of those Hallelujah ah-ha moments. Then I bookmark!

Librarians have probably created libguides for every topic you can think of. The libguides mentioned in the above article are relevant to the current news cycle of nationalism vs populism and the shifting economic climate of globalization to protectionism. Librarians advocate for and uphold intellectual freedom, diversity and privacy. Libguides represent these values as they provide unbiased, valid sources of information on a specific topic and are a helpful tool in verifying information and combating fake news. 


Ten (10) portals & 7.77 million views on HLWIKI | The Search Principle

Ten (10) portals & 7.77 million views on HLWIKI | The Search Principle

I have used HLWIKI a number of times throughout my MLIS program. I found the resource extremely useful in researching emerging technologies librarianship, competencies, social media and information technology, sources for health information and other topics. Highly recommend.


A Librarian’s Guide to Space Tourism – 32 Resources | Ellyssa Kroski –

“If you’re just getting caught up on the latest in space tourism, here are 32 resources to get you started.” Via A Librarian’s Guide to Space Tourism – 32 Resources | Ellyssa Kroski –

Resources are categorized within:

  • General
  • Infographics
  • Space Tourism Pioneers
  • The Colonization of Mars

A Librarian’s Guide to Space Tourism – 32 Resources

GTA Tips & Tricks: A Few Research/Reference Resources

ALA (RUSA) Mars Best Free Websites
The 2011 Best Free Reference Websites. Quality websites on specific topics – fun to browse and see what’s out there.  It was interesting to see WikiLeaks on the list but I’m not surprised at TED.

University of Alberta LIS Subject Guide
If you have not yet discovered the Library and Information Studies Subject Guide on the University of Alberta Libraries website, I encourage you to review this resource as there are a variety of useful goodies, such as lists of LIS Databases & Journals and in depth resources on specific LIS topics.

Web of Science (see series of images below)
Not yet heard of citation mapping? Well this is a tool that can help you find related research articles by mapping references (citations) of other researchers who have cited the article. A popular arts and humanities, science and social sciences citation mapping database is called Web of Science.

Enter your search terms on the search page and press enter. Click on the link for an article of interest to you. Then click on the “Citation Map” link (note not all articles will have a citation mapping link).  Choose which direction to map and click on “CREATE MAP” at the bottom right of the screen. Then have fun exploring that citation map!!! There are some other features to Web of Science and I have only described here one of its most powerful tools.
Web of Knowledge [v.5.3] - Web of Science Full Record.jpg

Web of Knowledge [v.5.3]-1.jpg