Berkeley Head Librarian Quits Over Book-Culling Controversy | SFGate #books #librarians #libraries #weeding

Head Berkeley librarian Jeff Scott announced his resignation following a controversy over the process of winnowing old library books from the collection in a dispute that disgruntled staff members had dubbed “Librarygate.” READ MORE: Berkeley head librarian quits over book-culling controversy | SFGate

Throwing the Books at Each Other | Inside Higher Ed

“…a large percentage of the library’s non-fiction collection was being removed in a hasty and ill-considered project driven by an awkward glitch in planning. Some temporary workers had been hired to insert RFID tags into the books and it seemed foolish not to remove outdated books from the collection first, particularly since the RFID tags had yet to arrive. So to make use of the workers who were already on the clock, that removal project was suddenly shifted into high gear, and soon the whole thing was smoking and the wheels fell off, but not before thousands of books were discarded.”

via Throwing the Books at Each Other | Inside Higher Ed

Urbana Free Library Scrutinized Over Book Weeding | Illinois Public Media

Illinois: “Library Director Says Mistake Was Made in Book ‘Weeding’” | InfoDocket – LibraryJournal

I’m sure the Annoyed Librarian is going to have a comment about this one!