Data USA from MIT Media Lab is a Stunning New Tool for Analysts, Economists and Data Geeks #data #tools #visualization #statistics #dataviz #tech

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MIT Media Lab and partners Deloitte and data visualization startup Datawheel, have launched a mammoth and stunning new tool called Data USA, where users are able to mine and visualize United States Government open data. Data USA is great new tool for analysts, economists, and data geeks. Data USA has gathered data from what used to be multiple sources into a singular open data platform.

As a Research Analyst for Calgary Economic Development, managing and analyzing data is a critical component of my work. With the current economic downturn, improved data interpretation and analysis tools such as Data USA, are increasingly important. We use data from Statistics Canada and other organizations to compare economic indicators for Calgary to other cities in Canada and North America. With this analysis we can then determine how Calgary ranks competitively with other metropolitan areas. We use this insight to create strategies to promote our city, attract business and diversify our economy. Open data rocks!