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Amazon signs up for ‘future of streaming’ ORBX | CNET – Amazon becomes the first major partner to agree to use lightweight new technology from Mozilla and OTOY for streaming games, video, and software. More Amazon news: Amazon employee rebukes wife over Jeff Bezos biography | the guardian. Also: Amazon Offers Kindles, Cut of E-Book Sales to Indie Bookstores | PCMag – another take: Amazon’s New Kindle Offer Rejected by Indie Bookstores | WIRED.

Confessions of a Booker Prize Judge | BookRiot
Stuart Kelly…offers Book Riot some insights into the pressures and the joys of choosing a Booker winner, why a graphic novel should win it one day, why The Luminaries changes what the novel can do, and what impact the Americans will have under the redrawn eligibility criteria for the prize.

Agatha Christie and Poirot scoop best ever status from Crime Writers | Telegraph
The Crime Writers Association crowned Agatha Christie best ever author and The Murder of Roger Ackroyd best ever novel, while Scandinavian crime missed out

Music & Film

Swedish Theaters Now Using Bechdel Test To Rate Films On Gender Bias
A group of four movie theaters in Sweden have adopted a new rating system to expose gender bias–if a film passes the Bechdel Test, it gets an A rating. Qualifying films must a.) have at least two women with names, who b.) talk to each other and c.) talk about something other than a man. The paradox of this test is that it seems simple enough to meet these requirements, and yet countless films fail to do so each year.

Amazon’s Taking 15 Percent Off Kindles Today in Honor of the FAA | Gizmodo

Read: Amazon’s Taking 15 Percent Off Kindles Today in Honor of the FAA | Gizmodo

Book News Links

Two Gaimen stories: Author Neil Gaiman to join Bard College faculty | The Wall Street Journal and Recurring Dream: Morpheus Returns In Gaiman’s ‘Sandman’ Prequel | NPR

What Do I Tell My Daughter About Ender’s Game? | HuffPost
A gay father’s perspective on Orson Scott Card’s homophobia, the book and the new film.

Amazon First Provides Early Access to New E-Books | PCMag
“Amazon [launches] Kindle First, a new program that offers customers access to books a month before their official launch — and serves as another tactic to encourage Prime memberships.”

A library of classics, edited for the teething set | Julie Bosman (The New York Times) | Manila Bulletin
“…[T]oday’s babies and toddlers are treated to board books that are miniature works of literary art: classics like “Romeo and Juliet,” “Sense and Sensibility” and “Les Misérables;” luxuriously produced counting primers with complex graphic elements; and even an “Art for Baby” book featuring images by the contemporary artists Damien Hirst and Paul Morrison.”

Facebook Drives the Most Traffic to Publishers, Beating Twitter and Reddit | Mashable. See the original report from Sharaholic.

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How Amazon and Goodreads could lose their best readers |


The original post is lengthy but worth the read, as it includes some discussion about censorship and creative user protest on the GoodReads platform.

With 20 million members (a number some have noted is close to the population of Australia) and a reputation as a place where readers meet to trade information and share their excitement about books, the social networking site Goodreads has always appeared to be one of the more idyllic corners of the Internet. The site sold to Amazon for an estimated $190 million this spring, and Goodreads recommendations and data have been integrated into the new Kindle Paperwhite devices, introducing a whole new group of readers to the bookish community.

But if, at a casual glance, the two companies — Goodreads and Amazon — seem to be made for each other, look again. A small but growing faction of longtime, deeply involved Goodreads members are up in arms about recent changes to the site’s enforcement of its policies on what members are permitted to say when reviewing books, and many of them blame the crackdown on the Amazon deal. They’ve staged a protest of sorts, albeit one that’s happening mostly out of the public eye. Their charge is censorship and their accusation is, in the words of one rebel, that Goodreads and Amazon want “to kill the vibrant, creative community that was once here, and replace it with a canned community of automaton book cheerleaders.”

Read the rest of the story: How Amazon and Goodreads could lose their best readers |

Amazon Non-English Digital Growth, Amazon Shipping Chromecast Internationally, McCall Smith to Pen Emma Adaptation, Nielsen Twitter Ratings

Non-English digital growth ‘matches UK/US’  | The Bookseller
The digital adoption rate in non-English language markets where Amazon Kindle operates is matching that in the English-speaking world. This is according to Russ Grandinetti, vice-president for Kindle Content at Amazon, speaking to delegates at Publishers Launch held yesterday (Monday 7th October) on the eve of Frankfurt Book Fair.

Amazon now shipping Chromecast orders outside of the US | Engadget
Google has yet to expand Chromecast sales outside of the US, but that isn’t stopping Amazon from getting a little piece of the action. Android Central noticed that the online retailer has opened orders on to include additional international shipping options, providing an legitimate and cost-effective way to get the $35 streaming dongle before it officially lands on foreign shores.

McCall Smith to rework Austen’s Emma | The Bookseller
Alexander McCall Smith is to write a modern adaptation of Jane Austen’s Emma for HarperCollins. The author is the latest recruit to the publisher’s “Austen Project”, which will see Joanna Trollope tackle Sense and Sensibility, Val McDermid modernise Northanger Abbey, and Curtis Sittenfeld rework Pride and Prejudice.

Nielsen to roll out Twitter ratings for TV shows… | CNET
The goal of the “Nielsen Twitter TV Ranking” will be to measure the unique audience tweeting about individual programs.

New Kindle Paperwhite Has Goodreads Built into Device | GalleyCat

Amazon has unveiled a new Kindle Paperwhite, building Goodreads interaction straight into the $119 eReader. Goodreads members can now rate books and share passages from inside the Kindle.

via New Kindle Paperwhite Has Goodreads Built into Device | GalleyCat.

Amazon Experiments With Its Own Take On Pinterest Called “Amazon Collections” | TechCrunch

Amazon has quietly launched its own direct challenger to Pinterest with the debut of a feature called “Amazon Collections.”

via Amazon Experiments With Its Own Take On Pinterest Called “Amazon Collections” | TechCrunch.

Amazon Collections

Amazon vs. your public library | Fortune Tech

I’m posting this but its not really new ‘news’ for libraries.

See the full article: Amazon vs. your public library | Fortune Tech.

Could Amazon (AMZN), tech’s behemoth retailer, really be threatened by the neighborhood library — a centuries-old institution known for musty shelves, high school cram sessions, and “Shhhhhh. Quiet please?” The answer is complex. Much hinges on whether libraries and publishers can iron out differences that have limited the selection of e-books available for lending.

Do Fans Really Own Fan Fiction? – Noah Berlatsky – The Atlantic

Amazon’s bid to make money off of independent works based on corporately owned entertainment calls into question how independent those works really ever were.

via Do Fans Really Own Fan Fiction? – Noah Berlatsky – The Atlantic

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