50 Essential NC-17 Films | @Flavorwire #film #NC17

Here are 50 films that challenged censors. READ MORE: 50 Essential NC-17 Films | Flavorwire.

10 #Books To Read Before You See The #Movies This Summer | HuffPo #adaptations

We all love a few hours at the movie theater, but there’s just no substitute for curling up with a few hundred pages of printed magic. READ MORE: 10 Books To Read Before You See The Movies This Summer | Huffington Post

Copy of Original #StarWars Script Discovered in UNB Library | CBC News #libraries

Deep in the archives of the University of New Brunswick’s library in Saint John, a famous movie script sat forgotten and collecting dust. It tells the tales of a galaxy far, far away — and no one knows how it got there.

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▶ MACBETH – OFFICIAL TEASER TRAILER | YouTube #film #Shakespeare


Take a Free Course on Film Noir; Then Watch Oodles of Free Noir Films Online | Open Culture #MOOCs #filmnoir

Cinephiles, if you have some spare time in the coming months and feel like watching, say, over 100 film noir movies from the Turner Classic Movie (TCM) vaults, then you will be delighted with Summer of Darkness, which will devote every Friday, from June through July, to 24 hours of noir classics and rarities. And suppose you’d like a reward, like a certificate that proves you not only watched those movies, but properly studied them? Well TCM has that covered too, offering a free nine-week course in “The Case of Film Noir” to run concurrent with the series. It’s free to sign up, and the course runs June 1 – August 4.

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