Artists Etch Comic Strip Into a Single Strand of Hair | Mashable

The eye-strain implications alone are staggering. To promote the upcoming Exceptional Hardware Software Meeting (EHSM) in Hamburg, Germany, a team of DIY artists and scientists has etched the world’s smallest comic strip on a single human hair.

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GTA Technology Topics, Tips & Tricks: Tools to Help Support Learning & Organization

Here are some great tools to think about using to help you learn and organize! There is of course the Google Apps suite but the recommendations posted below are out of the box type of tools!
Quizlets Flashcards help you study for final exams, languages, vocabulary, etc. and they can be shared. Web-based. (Free)
Index Card for Apple iPad lets you write index cards. Useful for those non-linear thinkers! ($4.99)
inClass for Apple iPad and iPhone is basically a digital planner, allowing you to store multimedia notes and organize your schedule (free)
Evernote for PC and Mac OS X. Amazing tool where you can tag notes and save web clips, text documents, pdfs, etc. Can be used in every aspect of your life and I think its a great tool for saving and organizing recipes. Their tagline is “Remember Everything” and there is a browser plug-in. Syncs across devices. (free)
iProcrastinate for Mac OS X and iPhone. Sync calendars, tasks and to do lists. You can break down tasks into components. (free) is a brainstorming tool. Web-based. (free)
Diigo lets you bookmark, highlight and sticky note (annotate web) pages. Web-based and all platforms. (try for free = limited features)