This Man’s Wish To Donate Millions Of #Books To Africa Just Came True | HuffPost #donations #education #schools 

In less than two decades, Bob Brown has donated more than 5 million books to Africa. Through his International BookSmart Foundation, Brown, an 86-year-old civil rights activist, friend of Martin Luther King Jr., advisor to the Mandela family and former White House Cabinet member, hopes to contribute many, many more to the continent.

That’s why his wish this holiday season is to keep giving back — and it came true in aH big way with the help of UPS’s Wish Delivered Campaign. Together, Brown and UPS will ship more than 180 tons of additional books to schools across Africa over the next three years. READ MORE: This Man’s Wish To Donate Millions Of Books To Africa Just Came True | HuffPost

Calgary Public Library’s #IdeaLab @Kickstarter Needs Your Support #libraries #crowdfunding #makerspace #yyc @CalgaryEconomic @calgarylibrary

Photo Credit: CBC News | Calgary

The Calgary Public Library Foundation has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund a makerspace called IdeaLab. IdeaLab will reside in Calgary’s New Central Library scheduled to open in 2018. The public space will be dedicated to increasing the digital and creative skills of Calgary’s citizens and provide the opportunity to explore technology and engage in hands-on learning.

The Calgary Public Library Foundation needs your help Calgarians! Of the $100,000 pledged goal for the project, only ~$19,000 has been raised with just a few days left in the campaign. Please fund this project so our New Central Library includes a space where people of all ages have access to innovative technologies.

It only takes $1 to participate. Higher pledge reward tiers include tote bags, mini-figures, LEGO models, exclusive tour and dinner party with Craig Dykers of Snøhetta (the lead architect of the New Central Library) and a plaque recognizing your contribution to the IdeaLab in the New Central Library. READ MORE: The Calgary Public Library Foundation’s IdeaLab Kickstarter Needs Your Support | Calgary Economic Development

Donate Your #Books to [USA] #Prisons: What, Why, and How | BOOKRIOT #donations #access #prisoners

When you research how to donate your books to prisons, the same phrase comes up over and over again: that books are a lifeline for prisoners…But providing prisoners with books offers so much more than relief from monotony…Here’s what you need to know. READ: Donate Your Books to [USA] Prisons: What, Why, and How | BOOKRIOT

Boy Who Couldn’t Afford #Books Asks Mailman For Junk Mail To Read; Mailman Responds Spectacularly | HuffPost #reading #kids

Twelve-year-old Mathew Flores is a bit different from the rest of us. He loves junk mail. Until recently, advertisements were the only reading materials available to the boy. Flores loves reading so much that he approached his mailman in a Salt Lake City suburb on Friday to ask if he could have any junk mail. The strange question prompted the mailman, Ron Lynch, to ask why. READ MORE: Boy Who Couldn’t Afford Books Asks Mailman For Junk Mail To Read; Mailman Responds Spectacularly | HuffPost.

Sioux Falls Man Donates Collection Of Nearly 18,000 #Books |

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – The University of Iowa has struck gold. Not the kind that lies in the federal reserve, but one of paper in a Sioux Falls man’s basement. After 20 years of collecting, he is donating his one-of-a-kind collection of 17,500 books worth an estimated three quarters of a million dollars. READ MORE: Sioux Falls Man Donates Collection Of Nearly 18,000 Books | South Dakota News

‘Everything is Awesome’: Cambridge University Will Get a #Lego Professor | Mashable #academics

Ok, if there can be a Lego Professor there can be a Lego Librarian. I’m sure there is enough money in this trust to setup a Lego Librarianship alongside the Lego Professorship at this new Research Centre!

Everything is awesome, including this hiring news from one of the UK’s most prestigious institutions: Cambridge University is getting a Lego professor.

The university announced on Tuesday the school had accepted £2.5 million from the Lego Foundation to set up a Lego Professorship of Play in Education, Development and Learning, the Cambridge University Reporter wrote.

The foundation also gifted the school an additional £1.5 million to set up a Research Centre on Play in Education, Development, and Learning within its Faculty of Education.

One lucky professor will start the new role on October 1, 2015.

READ MORE: ‘Everything is awesome’: Cambridge University will get a Lego professor | Mashable

Big-Hearted Book Lovers Across Brazil Donate 5,000 Books To Fulfill Girl’s Library Dream | HuffPo #books #libraries

Big-Hearted Book Lovers Across Brazil Donate 5,000 Books To Fulfill Girl's Library Dream

Image Credit: Biblioteca da Mell on Facebook

“One book is worth 100 books in my heart.”

“Books have three qualities: having them, exchanging them, and their smell. You can journey through literature, and be in Mexico, or anywhere else, while sitting still.”

These are quotes from a little girl named Ana Mell Araújo Rocha Silva — better known by her nickname, Mell. At just seven years old, she dreams of opening a public library in her city of Mata Grande, a small municipality in the state of Alagoas, Brazil, with a population of just over 25,000. READ MORE: Big-Hearted Book Lovers Across Brazil Donate 5,000 Books To Fulfill Girl’s Library Dream | HuffPo Brazil

Infographic: Social Media For Social Good | Marketing Technology Blog


Social Media for Social Good

Adults Reading YA Novels, 7 Unconventional Reasons to Read, VPL Bring Books Back Amnesty Week, Girl Donates 1 MM Books

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Beyond the simple pleasure of reading here are 7 Unconventional Reasons Why You Absolutely Should Be Reading Books | HuffPost Books

Vancouver Library offers amnesty for readers facing overdue fines | The Vancouver Sun. Bring your books back Oct. 21-27 in person to have book fines cleared from your library card.

Heartwarming story of determination. Maria Keller, 13-Year-Old Minnesota Girl, Donates 1 Million Books | HuffPostBooks