‘Everything is Awesome’: Cambridge University Will Get a #Lego Professor | Mashable #academics

Ok, if there can be a Lego Professor there can be a Lego Librarian. I’m sure there is enough money in this trust to setup a Lego Librarianship alongside the Lego Professorship at this new Research Centre!

Everything is awesome, including this hiring news from one of the UK’s most prestigious institutions: Cambridge University is getting a Lego professor.

The university announced on Tuesday the school had accepted £2.5 million from the Lego Foundation to set up a Lego Professorship of Play in Education, Development and Learning, the Cambridge University Reporter wrote.

The foundation also gifted the school an additional £1.5 million to set up a Research Centre on Play in Education, Development, and Learning within its Faculty of Education.

One lucky professor will start the new role on October 1, 2015.

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Lego Fusion Blends Virtual and Physical Gameplay | Mashable

Leave it to Lego to use the word “fusion” correctly. The construction-toy companys new Lego Fusion analog-to-digital game sets are a true blend of real-world Lego building and tablet-app play.

Announced on Wednesday, and shipping in August and September, Lego Fusion boxes each come with 200 Lego pieces. They let you build and play in app-based virtual worlds that include a tower-defense game called “Battle Towers,” a town-building game called “Town Master,” a racing game called “Create and Race” and “Resort Designer.” What you build in the real world can be captured and used in the iOS and Android tablet apps. Each structure then becomes part of the game, and each game can be a part of your world or the larger Lego social community, where others are using their Fusion sets to build similar worlds. Towers can battle towers, race cars can compete against each other and townspeople can take virtual metros to visit other player’s towns.

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LEGO Car Fueled by Air Drives Into History | PCMag.com

What started more than 60 years ago as a children’s building-block toy has turned into a technological tool, most recently used to design a plastic car fueled by air.

More than 500,000 LEGO bricks were used to build Steve Sammartino and Raul Oaida’s “Super Awesome Micro Project”: a drivable LEGO car. Read more: LEGO Car Fueled by Air Drives Into History | News & Opinion | PCMag.com.