OverDrive announces new APIs for Library Circulation | OverDrive

Last year we introduced the initial set of OverDrive APIs that enable approved vendors to deeply integrate OverDrive-hosted catalogs and nearly 1 million digital titles with their apps and platforms. These included the ability to access catalog metadata, see availability of a title and search the library’s collection.

Today, we are excited to announce that the all-new Circulation APIs are available on the OverDrive Developer Portal. The Circulation APIs will allow approved partners to request checkouts, downloads, holds, and returns from within their own discovery interface. This means users will now be able to browse and search their library’s digital collection, see what’s available and check out a title or place a hold all without ever leaving the library OPAC.

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8 Ways to Use Instagram’s API | Mashable

Instagram has become one of the web’s most popular platforms for photo and video sharing. To help users integrate the social network even further into their daily lives, it has released a public application programming interface (API).

For those who have never heard the term before, an API is a seamless software-to-software interface, meaning there is no user involvement during the passing of information. For example, when you enter credit card information to make an online purchase, the website sends your credit card information through an API to another application, which confirms that the provided information is correct.

By using Instagram’s public API, users — tech-savvy or otherwise — have a number of options on how to best implement the code. For some ideas on how to begin, here are eight basic ways to use the API for your own online presence.


  1. Search Tags
  2. Incorporate Photos on Websites
  3. View Photos from Specific Locations in Real Time
  4. View Popular and Trending Photos
  5. Print Photos from Events and Tags Instantly
  6. Make Custom Items
  7. Market Venues, Events and Businesses
  8. Create Event Live Feeds

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What APIs Are And Why They’re Important | ReadWrite

If you work with APIs, you already know why they’re important. But the rest of you may well be wondering: What are APIs, and why do we care so much about them?

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Feedly, Now Powering 50 RSS-Based Applications, Opens API To All Developers | TechCrunch

Feedly, a service making claims to the RSS reader throne Google abandoned by shutting down Google Reader, announced today that it’s now opening up its API to all interested developers building RSS-based applications. This is a notable step toward Feedly’s goal of not just being another feed-reading application itself, but rather a platform which will allow an app ecosystem to thrive.

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NYPL Releases Digital Collections API to Public | The Digital Shift

“In a move that will allow libraries and independent software developers to write programs accessing over one million digital objects and records, the New York Public Library this week released an application programming interface (API) that facilitates connection to the NYPL Digital Gallery.” via NYPL Releases Digital Collections API to Public | The Digital Shift