Digital Publisher Ellora’s Cave sues Dear Author Blog for Reporting on its Financial Troubles | Gigaom

MUST READ if you are a librarian…blogger, author, book reviewer, in publishing or editing…love books…Digital publisher Ellora’s Cave sues Dear Author blog for reporting on its financial troubles | Gigaom. This makes me sick to my stomach. I feel for all the authors contracted to the company and unable to reverse their rights. The outcome of the lawsuit is extremely important. The fact the lawsuit was filed in the first place is having a huge impact on the blogging and book reviewing community.

Comixology DRM-Free Comics | $1 for Access to 15,000 Marvel Comics | Gizmodo

You Can Finally Download DRM-Free Comic Book Backups From Comixology | Gizmodo
The biggest digital comic book distributor in all of digital comics land, Comixology, just took a relatively unprecedented move for a platform its size. Customers will now be able to download DRM-free backups—meaning when you buy a book, you’ll finally get to own it, too.

You Can Access 15,000 Marvel Comics Right Now For a Buck | Gizmodo
As we all prepare our brains and Twitter feeds for the unstoppable flood of comics and entertainment news that will pour out of San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel announced some news in the quiet before the storm. Now, for 99 cents, readers can gain access to Marvel Unlimited, the publisher’s treasure trove of 15,000 issues from current series (well, at least six months old) and classic golden- and silver-age titles. You can also store up to 12 issues offline so you can read without a reliable Wi-Fi connection. As long as you have a Mac, PC, iOS, or Android device, you’re in business.


Hachette Says Amazon Is Delaying Delivery of Some Books |

Amazon has begun discouraging customers from buying books by Malcolm Gladwell, Stephen Colbert, J. D. Salinger and other popular writers, a flexing of its muscle as a battle with a publisher spills into the open. The Internet retailer, which controls more than a third of the book trade in the United States, is marking many books published by Hachette Book Group as not available for at least two or three weeks.

READ MORE: Hachette Says Amazon Is Delaying Delivery of Some Books |

F Scott Fitzgerald stories published uncensored for the first time | Books | The Guardian

Sexual innuendo, drug references and antisemitic slurs removed by newspaper editors restored in new edition of Taps at Reveille.

Read more: F Scott Fitzgerald stories published uncensored for the first time | Books | The Guardian.

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Books & Publishing


Music & Film

News: Books & Publishing, Music & Film

Books & Publishing

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News: Books & Publishers, Music & Film

Books & Publishers

Forgotten Books, Discovered | HuffPost
Pacing through the website of Forgotten Books, an online library with hundreds of thousands of titles, is like walking through the aisles of a favorite bookstore.

The Library Vending Machine | BookRiot
Changing demographics and difficulty securing new funds for new libraries, The Pioneer Library System in Norman, Oklahoma decided to to use technology to meet its patrons needs. So last week, it opened the first 24-hour library vending machine in the United States. Built by EnvisionWare, this fully automated machine will be able to to dispense more than 400 pieces of media (books/DVDs/audiobooks) and store more than 1000 returned items.

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Two Gaimen stories: Author Neil Gaiman to join Bard College faculty | The Wall Street Journal and Recurring Dream: Morpheus Returns In Gaiman’s ‘Sandman’ Prequel | NPR

What Do I Tell My Daughter About Ender’s Game? | HuffPost
A gay father’s perspective on Orson Scott Card’s homophobia, the book and the new film.

Amazon First Provides Early Access to New E-Books | PCMag
“Amazon [launches] Kindle First, a new program that offers customers access to books a month before their official launch — and serves as another tactic to encourage Prime memberships.”

A library of classics, edited for the teething set | Julie Bosman (The New York Times) | Manila Bulletin
“…[T]oday’s babies and toddlers are treated to board books that are miniature works of literary art: classics like “Romeo and Juliet,” “Sense and Sensibility” and “Les Misérables;” luxuriously produced counting primers with complex graphic elements; and even an “Art for Baby” book featuring images by the contemporary artists Damien Hirst and Paul Morrison.”

Facebook Drives the Most Traffic to Publishers, Beating Twitter and Reddit | Mashable. See the original report from Sharaholic.

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73 Things Publishers Do (2013 Edition) | Stephen’s Lighthouse

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