The 69 Rules of #Punctuation | Electric Literature #infographics #writing #grammar

This handy infographic from Curtis Newbold reduces the rules of proper punctuation to a series of color-coded blurbs. Even the most hard-boiled grammar delinquent is sure to get the message. INFOGRAPHIC: The 69 Rules of Punctuation | Electric Literature

Master List and Index of #Free #Programming #Books | GitHub #coding

Free Programming Books | GitHub

30 Simple #Tools For #Data #Visualization | Co.Design #tech

There have never been more technologies available to collect, examine, and render data. Here are 30 different notable pieces of data visualization software good for any designer’s repertoire. They’re not just powerful; they’re easy to use. In fact, most of these tools feature simple, point-and-click interfaces, and don’t require that you possess any particular coding knowledge or invest in any significant training. Let the software do the hard work for you. Your client will never know. MORE: 30 Simple Tools For Data Visualization | Co.Design | business + design.

Additional data visualization services, such as Creately, and Viewshare listed on infophile’s Tools webpage.

2 Useful #Writing #Guides from HBR | #email #business

A Quick Guide to Avoiding Common Writing Errors | Harvard Business Review
You’re looking at an e-mail you just wrote, and you’re not sure whether you have the right word: Do you want affect or effect? Further or farther? Gray or grey? Getting it wrong can make you look bad — people do judge you by the way you write — but you also don’t have all day to look up words. It helps to have an easy reference for the basics, bookmark some resources, and learn how to choose your battles.

The Essential Guide to Crafting a Work Email | Harvard Business Review
You, like me, probably rattle off emails quickly, all day (and sometimes all night) long. And that means the people receiving your emails are doing exactly the same thing. Whether this is good or bad for us, generally speaking, is an open question. But until we all get better at dealing with email overflow, how do you make sure the ones you send get noticed – and for reasons other than an unfortunate Freudian typo?

Et tu, Watson? IBM’s Supercomputer Can Critique Your #Writing | Engadget #tech #IBMWatson

It’s bad enough that robots are writing professionally (albeit badly), but now they’re criticizing, too? IBM has unveiled the Watson Tone Analyzer, the latest tool in its “cognitive computing” suite of cooking, health, shopping and other apps. Once you input a piece of text, the system will perform a “tone check” to analyze three different aspects of it: emotional, social and writing style. Each of those is divided into further categories — for instance, it can tell you if your writing style is confident or tentative, and whether the emotional tone is cheerful, angry or negative. From there, it can give you a breakdown of the overall tone and suggest new words to “fix” it. READ MORE: Et tu, Watson? IBM’s supercomputer can critique your writing | Engadget


Lena Dunham Is Launching A Newsletter For #YoungWomen | BuzzFeed @lennyletter #feminism #women #slownews #newsletters

Another “slow news” entrant. I subscribe to the theSkimm newsletter but often wish it had more depth to its content like NextDraft, which I find too long at times. Lenny might be exactly what I’m looking for. I’m all for women supporting other women in any way they can!

“Lenny” wants to provide contemporary feminism for the inbox. READ MORE: Lena Dunham Is Launching A Newsletter For Young Women | BuzzFeed News.

Makers Are Getting Their Own Social Network [Beta] | Engadget #makerspace

Maker Media founder Dale Dougherty speaks with such an infectious exuberance about creating and building that after speaking to him you want to go home and resurrect that project that’s been sitting in your garage or bedroom. From a magazine, to a series of faires and camps for children, Doughterty’s Maker Media reach – and enthusiasm – spans the globe and beginning today, it’s launching a beta of its new MakerSpace social network.

MakerSpace beta invitations are available [on request]. Like the Google model of beta invites, anyone that gets an invitation, can invite a few friends. If you don’t get into the beta, the full site will launch out of beta later this year. But, if you’re lucky enough to get onboard, you can create a profile, find and bookmark projects you find interesting, and post your own projects. Maker is calling it a place to “show and tell.” READ MORE: Makers are getting their own social network | Engadget

I just signed up! Looking forward to finding some ideas for the CoderDojo program I volunteer with. Also available from is a free makerspace playbook with all you need to know about getting a makerspace up and running in their school or community.

125 MOOCs Getting Started in May: Enroll in One Today | Open Culture #MOOCs

MORE: 125 MOOCs Getting Started in May: Enroll in One Today | Open Culture

How to Conduct a [U.S.] Patent Search to Make Sure Your Brilliant Invention Doesn’t Already Exist (Infographic) | Entrepreneur #patents

Check out the infographic below for a crash course in how to conduct a [U.S.] patent search, and to figure out if you should even seek a patent at all. Good luck! We’re crossing our fingers for you. MORE: How to Conduct a Patent Search to Make Sure Your Brilliant Invention Doesn’t Already Exist (Infographic) | Entrepreneur

Introduction to Digital Marketing #IntroToDigital +22 Free Tools Inside | Nicolas J. Chevalier | Slideshare

INTRO TO DIGITAL – In this presentation, you will find an introduction to digital marketing / online marketing. Through SEM, Display, Content Marketing, E-CRM, Digital communication, discover 22 free tools to do your own analysis.

via Introduction to Digital Marketing #IntroToDigital +22 Free Tools Inside |  Nicolas J. Chevalier | Slideshare