The Key to #Digital #Learning? Bring It Into the Real World | WIRED #kids #education #museums #interactive

IF YOU WANT to teach your kid about ecology, sustainability, or the future of interactive education, take them to the New York Hall of Science and head for the giant virtual waterfall.

The massive digital faucet feeds the ecosystems of Connected Worlds, a cutting-edge installation that aims to teach youngsters about environmental science by immersing them in it. It’s an interactive simulation big enough to walk around inside—virtual reality that’s not piped into a headset but projected onto a real physical space.

Kids can shape the environment through a clever combination of physical and digital interaction. READ MORE: The Key to Digital Learning? Bring It Into the Real World | WIRED.

Enter into the 4th Industrial Revolution | Dassault Systemes

Library of three million books at centre of Baghdad culture hub | The Art Newspaper

A vast public library planned for Baghdad will be the centerpiece of a new culture hub under an ambitious new masterplan driven by the Iraqi Ministry of Youth and Sport. The drop-shaped building, designed by AMBS architects in London, will house up to three million books, including rare manuscripts.

“The library will be at the heart of the Youth City; a masterplan of 1.2 million sq. m, with over 30 new buildings, including residential, cultural, official and sports venues,” says a press statement from AMBS architects.

Baghdad Library

See the full story: Library of three million books at centre of Baghdad culture hub | The Art Newspaper.