Things You Can Do as a Library Student to Prepare for a Career as a Data Librarian | hls

We do so much in library school—take classes, work, study, and figure out how to market ourselves when we graduate. In this post, I’d like to talk about how I became a data librarian, and what you can learn about data while still in library school! READ: Things You Can Do as a Library Student to Prepare for a Career as a Data Librarian | hls

15 Top Tech Jobs of 2016 | Mashable #tech #careers #jobs #employment #STEM #technicalskills

Over the past few years, skilled developers and tech professionals have been in high demand for startups and corporations alike. And 2016 will be no exception. What will be different, however, is the sheer quantity of specialties companies are seeking in order to fill highly specific gaps, from data engineers to machine learning experts with deep knowledge of their fields.

Given that many companies are already hiring — or will be shortly — I asked 15 startup founders from Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) which categories of technical talent they are looking for this year and why these roles will be so impactful. Their best answers are below. READ MORE: 15 top tech jobs of 2016 | Mashable

On the MLIS: Why I’m Getting the Library Degree | Book Riot #MLIS #libraryschool #iSchool #librarianship #careers

I liked this article except for the typos. (Guess I’m an ASSoL like that for mentioning the typos.) 🙂 

Rioter Michelle Anne Schlesinger recently wrote In Praise of Non-Degreed Librarians, a thoughtful take on why the library degree, Master’s in Library Science (MLS), isn’t a necessary requirement to being a librarian. I fully agree. Librarians can be made from on the job experience, climbing the ranks from to assistant to librarian, and in most states you don’t need a MLS to be a librarian. It’s about the passion for people and helping them find information, the customer service aspect, the love of books and reference services, organization and community involvement and interaction. In library school it’s an ongoing debate, and I look at it this way: the last time you went to the library and someone helped you out, did you ask if they had the degree?

Not everyone needs a master’s degree to be a librarian.

But I do.

READ MORE: On the MLIS: Why I’m Getting the Library Degree | Book Riot

How Master’s Degree Became New Bachelor’s In The Hiring World | Fast Company #mentoring #education #HigherEd #employment #careers #recruiting #HR

Which justifies shelling out the $$$ for my MLIS!

More employers are looking to hire candidates with advanced degrees than ever before. READ: How The Master’s Degree Became The New Bachelor’s In The Hiring World | Fast Company | Business + Innovation

I’m a #Librarian. Of #tech, not books | LITA Blog #MLIS #librarianship #careers #librarians

When someone finds out I’m a librarian, they automatically think I know everything there is to know about, well, books. The thing is, I don’t. I got into libraries because of the technology.

My career in libraries started with the take off, a supposed library replacement, of ebooks. Factor in the Google “scare” and librar*s  were going to be done forever. Librar*s were frantic to debunk that they were no longer going to be useful, insert perfect time and opportunity to join libraries and technology.

I am a Systems Librarian and the most common and loaded question I get from non-librarians is (in 2 parts), “What does that mean? and What do you do?” READ MORE: I’m a Librarian. Of tech, not books. | LITA Blog

6 Great #Resources to Reinvent Your #Career, Yourself | Ellyssa Kroski #librarianship

Librarianship is a second-act career for most of us, but it’s not the only path available.  If you’re stuck in a career rut and thinking about striking out in a different direction, check out these stellar websites to help you find your way. READ MORE: 6 Great Resources to Reinvent Your Career, Yourself | Ellyssa Kroski

How #BigData Might Change The Way You Find A #Job | FastCompany #employment #careers #search #workplaces #resources

CareerLabs uses big data to explore all aspects of a company, from maternity leave to morale, growth, and financial health…

…The way CareerLabs works is simple: You sign up for free (you can use a Facebook or a LinkedIn profile) and start browsing job listings aggregated from other online job boards. CareerLabs layers in data on companies’ financial health and growth prospects, compensation, health care, career progression, culture, and management, among other criteria, to show candidates as full a picture of the business and its staff as possible…

…CareerLabs currently tracks and monitors 70% of all U.S. companies, which amounts to over 22 million organizations, and gathered some 10 million data points. He says that though basic service is free, subscription packages offer more filtering tools… READ MORE: How Big Data Might Change The Way You Find A Job | FastCompany

Here Are 5 Contenders For A New, #Female #MacGyver – Will One Help Drive #Girls To Engineering? | Co.Create #STEM

Awesome on so many levels!!

Could television be the secret weapon that gets more girls into science There is no shortage of initiatives that aim to get girls interested in STEM careers from an early age. From GoldieBlox’s building kits and storybooks to the 8-week summer camp Girls Who Code teaching teens the fundamentals of robotics and web development. That’s because in order to right the lopsided gender balance in science, engineering, and math, research indicates that it’s important to engage girls while they are young and encourage them to continue to pursue STEM careers. And we all know how important diversity is to business, particularly as it becomes more globally connected.

Yet engineering toys and school programs can’t necessarily stem the tide of media images that continue to push the idea the typical scientist, programmer, or engineer is a white guy working alone. That’s why the USC’s Viterbi School of Engineering and the National Academy of Engineering pooled their resources in partnership with the MacGyver Foundation and together they’re crowdsourcing a concept for a new television show starring a strong female scientist —the next MacGyver. READ MORE: Here Are 5 Contenders For A New, Female MacGyver–Will One Help Drive Girls To Engineering? | Co.Create | creativity + culture + commerce.

Exposing Every Student To #STEM | TechCrunch #students #skills #education

According to the National Center for College and Career Transitions (NC3T), about 20 percent of careers — and many of the fastest growing areas — directly relate to science, technology, engineering and math.

But by one count, an insufficient number of students today will pursue STEM careers. So how do we convince students that STEM is important even if they don’t think they will pursue a career in a related field? READ MORE: Exposing Every Student To STEM | TechCrunch.

Read This Letter From #Scientists Accusing Top Publisher Of #Sexism | BuzzFeed #women #STEM #careers #diversity #genderequality

The letter was signed by 600 [scientists and their supporters] and sent Tuesday to the publisher of Science and to BuzzFeed News. It denounces the elite publisher for sexist columns, an offensive cover photo about trans people, and a snarky tweet from an editor who has since resigned. READ MORE: Read This Letter From Scientists Accusing Top Publisher Of Sexism | BuzzFeed News.