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Top 30 Applications of Google Glass in Education [Interactive Infographic] | OpenColleges

The future is now. With Google Glass, teachers and students alike can display information in a smartphone-like hands-free format, while interacting with the Internet via natural language voice commands. With limitless possibilities at its fingertips, the education community can build closer working relationships with students, and allow children to get more involved with their learning experience. Open Colleges takes a look at how Google Glass might be used in education.

Click the link to EXPLORE all the possibilities illustrated within this interactive infographic: Top 30 Applications of Google Glass in Education  | OpenColleges

How Google Glass might be used in Education – An infographic by the team at Open Colleges

Wow, this pen can write in any color on Earth | CNET

Like the color of that flower? Your friends tie? With this new Scribble pen making a run on Kickstarter, all the hues of the world could be yours.

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Little wooden hexagons rewrite the tape player | CNET

Digitised content is more convenient in many ways, but there’s one thing that it can’t provide: the tactile pleasure of a physical collection. The world may have made a sharp turn away from CDs, but one company believes that physical media can make a return — if, perhaps, that physical media is also beautifully designed.

Qleek, created by Ozenge Studio in France, certainly fits the bill. It consists of the basic Qleek player, a sleek, beechwood-clad player, and wooden hexagons called Tapps — which can be customised with images of your choice — that can be placed on the player to play your content.

The content, however, is not stored on the Tapps. Rather, each Tapp has an NFC chip inside that links to media of your choice, such as a playlist or a season of TV, stored on your PC; or a YouTube channel, a Spotify playlist, an Instagram feed or a podcast. It connects to your devices via Bluetooth, then streams it to your Bluetooth-compatible television, stereo or speaker.

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Woman Puts Deus Ex On Computer Chip In Her Hand | Kotaku

Zoe Quinn doesn’t just make heartfelt, experimental games like Depression Quest. She’s also pretty set on becoming a cyborg, judging from the cyberpunk as hell implants she’s gotten over the last couple of years.

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Nod Bluetooth Ring Controls All Your Smart Devices | Mashable

As our primary computing environment gradually shifts from the desktop to mobile, so too will our interface needs. To that end, a group engineers in Mountain View, Calif. believe that they have the solution for the next phase of interfaces, and it comes in the form of a ring.

The Nod ring is a Bluetooth-enabled gesture controller that connects to your smartphone to accomplish a number of input and controller tasks all by using natural motions with your finger.

In addition extending the capabilities of your smartphone, the ring can also be connected to other smart devices, such as a smart television and other Internet-connected devices like the Nest. If a device doesn’t have Bluetooth capability, you can connect the ring to your smartphone, which will then connect to the device via Wi-Fi. Read more: Nod Bluetooth Ring Controls All Your Smart Devices | Mashable

This Little-Known iOS Feature Will Change the Way We Connect |

A new iOS app called FireChat is blowing up in the App Store. But it’s not the app itself that’s causing such a stir, it’s the underlying networking technology it taps into.

The idea behind FireChat is simple. It’s a chatting app. After registering with a name — no email address or other personal identifiers required — you’re dropped into a fast-moving chatroom of “Everyone” using it in your country. The interesting aspect, however, is the “Nearby” option. Here, the app uses Apple’s Multipeer Connectivity framework, essentially a peer-to-peer feature that lets you share messages (and soon photos) with other app users nearby, regardless of whether you have an actual Wi-Fi or cellular connection.

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Huff Post Books | Can NFC Technology Save Libraries, Provide Book Samples? (VIDEO)

“Miami Ad School students Max Pilwat, Keri Tan and Ferdi Rodriguez have come up with a concept video about how public libraries could share book samples via subway ads – via the Near Field Communication (NFC) technology embedded in many cell phones.”

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MarketingTechBlog | NFC: Near Field Communications and Marketing

Another technology to eventually become ubiquitous in our daily lives, along with 3D printing. This slighted out of date article provides some insight.

“NFC is a vast improvement over QR codes. QR codes required downloading an app and uploading a bar code to access content that goes beyond the web page. NFC allows smart phone users to access rich content and interact with the brand seamlessly.”

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